New Nature Play Area a.k.a. “Adventure Land”

Item 1 on Site Plan

We will transform the scrubby knoll across the upper field visible from the main park entrance into a newly landscaped nature play area with stumps, rocks, beams and other natural items beckoning park-goers, especially those with children and youth. Adventure Land will also include an imaginative construction area for children to express themselves with scrap materials such as branches, twigs, boards, rocks, sand, water, cardboard and other construction materials to build and reshape huts, walls, forts and gardens. The area will serve as an invitation to continue the exploration of the forest and provide critical recreational space to youth and children while the playground awaits Failing Playgrounds funding. The new area will meet accessibility standards to offer equal opportunities for recreation and be inclusive of all park goers.

  • PlayArea A

    View of the current playground and site of proposed Nature Play Area

  • PlayAreaB

    View of the proposed Nature Play Area