Prompted by, and on behalf of the community, the Golden Gate Heights Neighborhood Association (GGHNA) has driven the process for park renovation. This planning process carefully considered the priorities of neighbors through a professional public opinion survey of 250+ respondents, further refined through several large community meetings and many smaller committee meetings.

The park problems and opportunities identified through this broad community outreach process included these priorities:

  1. Playground renovation, and addition of a nature play area that takes advantage of the unique unique natural setting of GGHP and expands the user age-group;
  2. Upper and lower playing fields renovation and drainage solutions that allow for diverse field use and water conservation;
  3. Replacement and maintenance of understory planting;
  4. Improved accessibility and circulation;
  5. Furniture for social areas; and
  6. Education about unique aspects of the park.

To address top priorities first, we divided the plan into phases based on funding and timing constraints, such as later renovation of the playground within the Failing Playgrounds budget.